The End Results Bigger Than the Cost

February 18, 2017

A family is made complete once there is a bundle of joy to always look at. The prices or costs that are paid for IVF Treatment are very low compared to the child that a couple receives in the end. IVF Treatment Cost in India is aiming at long-term benefits than the short-term obstacles.

Every family should have a child with no struggles and at a low cost. IVF treatment cost considers some criteria like the procedure and cycle of treatment best for a woman or a man and the type of treatment that offers higher chances of success in one round

The starting amount is RS 5500 and increases depending on the type of treatment. Treatment cost for sperm donation, TESA, Blasto Cyst Culture Transfer, IVF, and Sperm Donation are very down for easy accessibility.

Comparing India with other countries like USA, Middle East countries, and the UK, the costs of IVF are much affordable and this has motivated patients to flow into the country for treatment. Dr. Sofat’s target is for you to have what you need with effective treatment and no hardships. This is why more and more patients; citizens and non-citizens approach her about their infertility issues.

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